Health data altruism and citizens' control

TEHDAS Work Package 8 (WP 8 - Citizens) kindly invites wider TEHDAS stakeholder community and TEHDAS partners to meet WP8 Advisory Group members and WP8 key contributors at 3 interactive online events, to discuss about some of the most challenging topics related to citizen-centric solutions and models for use cases of  health data altruism/intermediary systems, structures and functions for the future EHDS.
"The TEHDAS Joint Action project develops European principles for the secondary use of health data. TEHDAS is being carried out by 25 European countries and co-ordinated by the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra.
The project started in February 2021. It is based on the European Commission’s Health Programme 2020. Work Package 8 (WP8) of TEHDAS focuses on citizens’ participation and data altruism."

More information about the Joint Action and the work packages:

Key topics of the online workshops (webinars):