Methodological recommendation and guideline for organising and executing patient safety education courses

MAP4E methodological recommendation and guideline is a document that contains every step, results and recommendation of our project in a concise and readable way.

One can learn:

  • how training course participants react on the courses,
  • how many respondents filled out questionnaires and how their background characteristics were,
  • the results of PS knowledge and organizational culture surveys and the related changes,
  • what kind of changes could be detected in handover practice,
  • what kind of other influencing factors could be determined related to the effectiveness of training courses,
  • what kind of relations could be seen between the different training methods and the change management situation of the hospitals.

In order to make the conclusions of the project as targeted and user-friendly as possible, we pointed out the main, essential messages as recommendations separately for: policymakers, healthcare organizations, training centres and academies, and finally, for patients with their families and carers.

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